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    Helping Your Child Find Their Learning Style

    Helping children succeed in school is one of the most important and challenging tasks for parents. Every student has their path to success, and it can be challenging to find the best ways to enable and encourage your child. Fortunately,…

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    Parenting Through The Teen Years

    Once your kids hit the teen years, you might be blown away by how rapidly things progress. One day, they’re into action figures and Legos, the next day they’re playing violent video games and trying to stay out late on…

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    Summer Parenting

    The school year has finally drawn to a close. For your kids, this means no more homework, no more school schedules, and unlimited free time. For a lot of parents, however, summer means something else entirely. Endless “I’m bored’s”, a…

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    Connecting With Your Teen

    Teens today are experts in the art of mass communications. They have every communications gadget imaginable and they communicate to friends and the whole world about things that might be better left unsaid. After all, does the world really need…

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    A Helpful Guide To Single-Parenting

    One of the toughest roles anyone can have in today’s culture is that of a single parent. It’s hard enough to rear a child—especially a teenager—with two parents; but with one the burdens and pressures and problems multiply. But more…

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    How To Deal With Your Teen Misbehaving

    When a teen breaks the rules, they need a responsible adult to respond, not react. To respond is to offer calmness, honesty, love, grace and support while seeking to correct the misbehavior. However, to react is to become emotional, angry,…

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    Handling Your Teen’s Anger

    When your thought patterns rub up against those of your teenager, you can either take it personally and get upset yourself, or you can use it as an opportunity to help bring healing and a new perspective to your child.…


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